What We Do

The BHSPA fundraises to contribute to different initiatives, programs, and events, such as running an ad in the program handout for the BHS production of Fiddler on the Roof, contributing financially towards Travel Scholarships, the History Fair, Tenacity Challenge, All Night Grad Party, and paying for the Student Ambassador Program training, to name a few things that we do. 


This year we were busy.  We paid for the installation of two new water bottle filling stations at BHS and the printing of a new post-secondary school guidance booklet for juniors. We were a supporter of autism awareness shirts and co-sponsor of several speakers, such as author Val Emmich (Dear Evan Hansen novel), entertainer Brendan Fitzpatrick who ran rousing games during BHS Community Day, and a Back to School Night speaker about vaping. 

We also purchased healthy snacks for students during MCAS test days, as too-often many kids head into the exams without breakfast. 

In the past, the BHSPA helped pay for the police detail at the Prom Stroll and covered the cost of supplies for the Art Club’s courtyard sculpture at BHS.  We also supported the MIAA Leadership Conference, paid for motivational speaker John Morello to perform his "I am Dirt" presentation at a student assembly during the BHS Community Day, funded a STEP program team building field trip, and helped with “How to Raise an Adult” and “The Secret Lives of Teens and Tweens” presentations with our sister parent associations for the elementary and middle schools of Bedford.  A few summers ago, we purchased outdoor courtyard patio furniture that students enjoy on warm days.  


 Not only do we help students, but we always support the BHS staff. During the school year, we frequently support the regular Principal's Roundtables and host parent to parent coffees before each Roundtable to give our parent community a chance to socialize and informally meet administrators. We also provide a meal to staff on a day when school starts (welcome back!) and ends for the year (thanks & happy summer!), as well as on Parent-Teacher Conference Night and for National Teacher Appreciation Day. 


Our goal is to have funds so that when BHS groups need support or the BHS budget falls short, we can help out.  To that end, we ask you to DONATE to the BHSPA this year. Donations to the BHSPA are greatly appreciated any time of the year and are tax deductible. Please give generously!  Every bit helps us reach our fundraising goal.    


We love donations, but people power is awesome too as we occasionally are in need of volunteers.     If you are interested in helping at any of our events, please reach out to us at BHSBucsParents@gmail.com. Thank you.


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