Sharing our Efforts, Donations & Thanks to Volunteers/Donors:

Thanks for Help with the Back to School Teachers Lunch

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Back-to-School Teacher luncheon a success! A list of everyone who contributed can be found at

Supporting the All Night Grad Party

The BHSPA is a proud supporter of the Bedford High School All Night Graduation Party.

Courtyard Furniture

Mr. Michael Griffin, Science Program Administrator and Advisor to the BHS Environmental Club, has been overseeing the clean up and the planned use of the two courtyards at the school.  In support of his efforts to make the spaces usable by students, the BHSPA has committed to funding the purchase of more picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, and sun shades.  The photos should some of what has been bought with our financial support.


In the Fall of 2017, students will have nice space and good outdoor seating during nice weather while in school. Some expected use of the courtyards will be that STEP students can have supervised class outside, and any student should be able to sit in a courtyard at lunch to get some fresh air and sunshine.  


Thank you, Mr. Griffin, for spearheading the courtyard clean up.  We also thank parents/guardians for donating to the BHSPA which allowed us to fund the purchase of outdoor seating and shade umbrellas. We hope the students and staff will enjoy a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air during school. 

History Fair Support

This Spring, the BHSPA donated money towards the BHS History Fair. If you remember, the Fair included a lovely reception for the public and the student participants made their presentations to school judges.


We have received a handwritten, heartfelt thank you, which we want to share with our parent community because your donations to the BHSPA are passed on to groups and events at the school.  Here is the message conveyed to the BHS community:


Bedford Parents,


Thank you very much for your thoughtful donation of $250 to our History Fair program. While the Bedford High School History Day Program does not require a big budget, we do incur some expenses. Your generous gift does much to defray those costs and thus help us keep the program healthy. We strongly believe that the History Fair experience gives students varied and enduring lessons. Thank you again for helping us carry forward the opportunity.



Jim Sunderland

BHS History Day Advisor

BHSPA Annual Meeting Wrap-up

The BHSPA held its Annual Meeting jointly with the Middle School Parents Association on May 31st.


2016 - 2017 was a productive year for the BHSPA as we supported a variety of programs, such as Travel Scholarships, third-party training for a new Ambassador Program, Environmental Club's purchase of courtyard chairs and umbrellas, Tenacity Challenge, All Night Grad Party, History Fair, Mentorship Program Lunch, and Eagle Scout Garden Project for the BHS Courtyard. The pie chart shows our funding distribution for this year.


At school, we sponsored several teacher hospitality events under the leadership of Stacy Mortenson and the end of the year lunch is being planned right now. 


To get the support needed from our parent community and keep everyone informed about happenings within the BHSPA, BHS, and Bedford, we beefed up our social media presence.  You may have noticed that we post here on our site frequently, as well as on Facebook and Twitter to better reach many more families.  The BHSPA, too, is proud that our eNews remains a primary source of school information for most BHS families.   


Also, at our Annual Meeting, elections were held and the 2017-2018 Executive Committee was installed:


Co-Presidents:  Michelle Saber & Kerry Rackey

Co-Vice Presidents:  Carla Bradford & Diane Bernstein

Treasurer: Claire Demeo

Secretary: Jenn Puhle


In addition, we have Chairs for various Committees:

All Night Graduation (ANG) Celebration Chairs: Kerry Rackey & Dawn Kocuibes

BoxTops Chair:  Jenn Puhle

BHS Parents Sendoff Committee Chair:  Lita Verrier

eNews Communications Chair:  Hillary DeMello 

Hospitality Chair: Stacy Mortenson

Student Directory Co-Chairs: Venus Ho & Michelle Saber

Webmaster:  Wendy Cordero


A few other Committee head positions still need to be filled or confirmed, such as Fundraising and Courtyard Gardens.  We also welcome parents/guardians to be members and supporters of any of the committees at any time. Please contact if you are interested.  


We are a friendly group of people so join us and enjoy your time volunteering in your kid(s) last years before they leave for college!



TAW: Thank You for your Help

While this has been a week to thank our teachers, administrators, and staff for their dedication to our students, we also want to thank all of the awesome parents/guardians who helped make the BHSPA Teacher Appreciation Week events run smoothly, in particular Stacy Mortenson, our Hospitality Chairwoman.  

The teachers had a wonderful lunch with great homemade salads and goodies on Wednesday, and today, they were treated to a tasty frozen treats at lunch. We received many thanks and much appreciation from the teachers for the lunch,  homemade goodies, and ice cream.  

Several teachers asked us to convey to the parent community their appreciation for the donations and kindness shown this week. One teacher commented that she is new to the Bedford Public Schools District and has found our parents/guardians to be welcoming and engaged. Thanks, folks!

Panel: What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Start High School

Teacher Conferences Dinner

Many thanks to the many people who helped the BHSPA put together a nice grab-and-go dinner for our BHS teachers and staff last week for the evening of parent-teacher conferences.  It was very successful.  The sandwiches and all desserts were devoured, and we now know that next year we need to get more food!


To buy the main food from Wegman’s, we requested monetary donations and these wonderful people donated, some of them giving multiple amounts of which we especially are grateful:  Wally and May Jew,  Maureen Eliason, Alison Malkin, Kristen Manning, Jillian Friel,  Laurie Pariseau, Marge Heckman, Barbara Kelley, Lynn Dresel, Tina Nappi, Stacy Mortenson, Jenn Heller, Marylee Pequeno, Sheila Albrecht, Sandra Michelman, Eileen Hickey, Sue MacPhee, Carla Bradford, Karine Marino, Brenda Kenahan, Lori Alper, Lana Sechkina, Lorelei De Gala Ngooi, Kelly Craven, Deborah Griffin, Marian Abraham, Renu Bostwick, Yan Chen, Soraya Stevens, Sue Gardner, Shari Pedonesi, Lorene Simoneau.


Manpower for set up, clean up, and/or help during the dinner was given by Stacy Mortenson, Venus Ho, Lita Verrier, Lauren Bartkus, Carla Bradford, Heidi Collins, Tara Harbor, and Claire Demeo.  Supplies were provided by Hillary DeMello, Carla Bradford, and Delinda May, and beverages by Joan Turnberg, Shari Pedonesi, and Ping Shao.  The delicious desserts were very popular, and we thank bakers Carla Bradford, Bonnie McCulloch, Joan Turnberg, Marian Abraham, Pearlene Varjabedian, Rachel Duncan, Deb Kreutzer, and Diane Bernstein. 


Last, and certainly not least, the BHSPA would like to thank Stacy Mortenson for managing the teacher conferences dinner.  The BHS parent community is very lucky to have Stacy step up and manage hospitality for the BHSPA. She's a gem.

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Successful Back to School Teacher/Staff Lunch

On Wednesday, September 7, the Bedford High School Parents Association (BHSPA) hosted a pizza lunch with homemade salads and sweets to welcome back educators and also welcome new principal Heather Galante. The hospitality event was organized and managed smoothly by Stacy Mortenson, mom of 9th and 12th grade students at BHS,

Many other wonderful parents in the BHS community supported the lunch to make it a resounding success.  We thank all of them!