Notes about the Daily Announcements (eNews)

Each weekday of the school year, typically excluding holidays, the BHSPA emails announcements to those who subscribe to receive the eNews that include the announcements read over PA system the during school and sent to students through the school's email server, as well as messages, event reminders, and invitations from the school administration and community groups. 


Why are the eNews sent so often?

BHS has a 6-day rotating schedule for classes, and each morning, the eNews states which day is it of the schedule, which especially is helpful after a weekend, holiday, or snow day. Also, at the high school level, there are many important dates and events that arise. Most parents appreciate a reminder so they can nudge their kids along. If you don’t like the frequency of the eNews, you can unsubscribe any time. See below for directions on how to Unsubscribe.


To subscribe to the eNews, follow this link: and scroll down for the section about the BHSPA list. BHS does not automatically subscribe you to eNews.  You must use the above link, supply your email, and complete an authentication process. Once you’re on the BHSPA list, you stay on, until you Unsubscribe.



Senior Parents/Guardians Group: Separate from the general subscription, we also have an additional email distribution list group just for the parents & guardians of Seniors because those folks will get unique messages in the Spring as graduation approaches. To add your email address to this group, either go to, scroll down for the section about the BHSPA list, and check the box for Special Interest Groups: Parents/Guardians of Seniors or click the 'update your preferences' link at the bottom of any Daily Announcements email and follow the prompts.


If you've subscribed but aren't getting the eNews:  We use the MailChimp platform when sending eNews, and your email server might block or spam our messages. Please check your Spam and Junk Mail folders. Add us to your SafeSenders list or create a Rule to move our messages to your Inbox. Tried all that, and still not seeing our messages?  Contact us at and we'll try to help.


To add material to the eNews:  If you wish to include an announcement with

a student or parent-oriented focus, please contact the BHSPA at


BHSPA reserves sole discretion in deciding what to include in the eNews. Publication does not constitute any endorsement by the BHSPA or its members.


To Unsubscribe: To unsubscribe, just go to the bottom of any Daily Announcements email and click on the handy 'unsubscribe from this list' link. 


We've got a Privacy Policy that you need to read. Warning: may cause drowsiness. 


Image of the BHSPA List Subscription Box from the BHS website
Image of the BHSPA List Subscription Box from the BHS website