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Directory Changes & Opt Outs

In the Fall, a Student Directory is prepared that lists all BHS students in grades 9 - 12. The data is compiled from the information that is on file with the registrar's office, as noted in the parent portal of Aspen. Specifically, the listing will include a student's home address, home phone, guardian/parents' names and a primary email. 


If a student resides with both parents at the same location, then the Directory will list the student's name, both parents names with their home address and home phone, and the one email that is listed with the school as the primary parent email. If a student has a parent who resides in a different location from the student and primary parent, then the Directory will have two separate listings for the student: one line will include the student's home address, home phone, and the primary parent's name and email, and a second, separate line for parent #2's address, home phone, and email.  


Parents can choose to change or exclude the data that is listed. Changes and exclusions noted here will be to the Directory only and will not impact or update in the registrar's records or Aspen. Use this webpage to request changes and/or exclusions to the Directory. (If you do nothing, the data in Aspen will be included in the Directory.) 


ALL REQUESTS TO CHANGE OR OPT OUT MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6.  Each submission is time stamped; if the deadline is missed, the data likely will not be changed.

Please enter the code:

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

New Students


I hope that summer has been enjoyable for all thus far. It is difficult to believe that it is already July.  Soon your child will be starting the four year adventure called high school.   


The summer mailing will be sent home to all 9th grade families [and new families] the first week of August.  The packet will contain helpful information and important forms that are needed to start the school year.  I hope that the summer is off to a great start for all of you. Enjoy the time as September comes quickly. I am so looking forward to meeting your students. Please read below as the remainder of the email contains information regarding the iPad and new student orientations.



9th Grade and New Student Orientation

Bedford High School welcomes the Class of 2023 and all new students to an orientation night scheduled for:

Tuesday, August 27th, Bedford High School Auditorium, 6:00-7:30 pm


Pre-registration is NOT required.  We are proud to have the Student Ambassador Program where 9th graders and new students are assigned to a mentor to help with the transition to Bedford High School.  On August 27th, students will:

- Meet and get to know their Ambassadors

- Hear from the High School Administration and meet some faculty members from BHS

- Participate in team building activities

- Have an opportunity to ask questions

- Receive a personalized tour of the building and find classes on their schedules

- Enjoy Bedford Farms Ice cream sundaes


While we encourage parent involvement, the orientation is for students only.  Also, Planners may be ready for purchase at the orientation on August 27th and cost $10 each.  If you send you child(ren) with a check, please make it payable to the BHSPA, our parent association who sponsors the planner.  The planner will be available for purchase throughout the first week of school at all lunches as well.


We look forward to meeting our new students.  Please know that our Ambassadors will reach out to students who are unable to make the orientation by email.  Also, we have carved out some time on the first day of school for students to meet with their Ambassadors. The first day schedule will be sent in a separate communication to all students and parents. The Ambassadors will be clad in bright colored t-shirts and will be easy to identify in the hallway on the first day of school. 


Please reassure your child(ren) that all will be fine in the transition to Bedford High and that our administration, faculty, staff and students are here to help them succeed.  There are many friendly faces in the classrooms and hallway who are happy to offer help.  


iPad Orientations

As you know, Bedford has embraced technology and the high school is a one to one school where all students are provided with an iPad for instructional purposes. 


Orientations for the iPads have been scheduled for both rising freshmen and new students. Please read through the information. The same information is available through a link on the Bedford High School home page. The student and parent(s) must be in attendance at the orientation. There are two available options for the orientation and student/parent(s) must only attend one of the sessions.


Rising freshmen and new students:

Rising freshman and new students are required to attend an iPad orientation. Attendance is required as iPads will be distributed during orientation and not on the first day of school.


Orientation dates are:

     - Thursday, August 22nd at 6pm

     - Wednesday, August 28th at 6pm

Parent/legal guardian attendance is mandatory. Registration required to attend orientation. Register online at (there is also a link on the Bedford High School home page).

iPad Orientation will cover:

     - The role of iPads in Bedford High School

     - BPS Computer Acceptable Use Policy

     - Family obligation

     - iPad assignment and step-by-step setup


If you have any questions regarding the iPad orientation, please reach out to your child’s Assistant Principal. 

Mr. Hudder ( is assigned to students with last names A-K and

Mr. Casey (  is assigned to students with last names L-Z.

End of Year Teacher Lunch

Another excellent End of the Year Staff Luncheon is in the books, thanks to the many donations of our BHS parents and guardians, plus a favorite local pediatric group, Patriot Pediatrics.  


Hospitality Co-Chair Stacy Mortenson planned the event and had great help from our reliable volunteers.  We have so many other wonderful people to thank, so please check out:  

It’s remarkable that we have the support of Buccaneer and Champion level donors, which we gratefully acknowledge, yet, we are appreciative of every dollar. Thanks to the generous contributions, we were able to give out 60 raffles, and the staff LOVED it! We are blessed by goodness within our parent community. 

The BHSPA especially would like to thank parent volunteer Bonnie McCulloch for going the extra mile in helping us by putting together the very pretty bags for all of the donated gift cards, supplying the Thank You sheet cake, helping with set up and service, and being our photographer for the lunch. Peruse the photos below. 

We thank MaryAnn Murphy for co-chairing this year with Stacy Mortenson in Hospitality. Next year, Stacy will be helped by incoming Co-Chair Claire Demeo, who is coming back to us after having served as Treasurer a few years ago.  

Thank you, everyone, and have a great summer!


All Night Grad Thanks

Thank You from the All Night Graduation Committee


The 32nd All Night Graduation Celebration was a huge success! The Class of 2019 had a fantastic time. Months of planning and preparation went into this event, and hundreds of parents/guardians volunteered and donated time and resources to make this event happen. Please join us in thanking all the people, businesses and organizations that supported ANG this year. The full “All Night Graduation Thank You Program” can be viewed at


With appreciation,

Dawn Kociubes and Kerry Rackey

2019 All Night Graduation Co-Chairs

Athletics Reminders

Reminders about Fall Sports: Parents/guardians are reminded that students who want to participate in a Fall sport at BHS must register their student via the Aspen parent portal, as soon aspossibleand before tryouts.  Parents/guardians also should confirm that the student has a valid baseline test result and medical record (physical) on file with BHS. 

1) Registration for a sport must be done by the parent/guardian, not the student. Follow these instructions:  Here is the list of sports offered at BHS:

2) Baseline test results are valid for two years, so if the student (of any grade) will be trying out for a sport at BHS for the first time in the Fall, a new baseline test must be done at BHS. A new baseline is required also for returning BHS students whose baseline will be older than two years (typically, juniors or students entering their third year of sports at BHS.) 

Here are the remaining dates for baseline testing offered at BHS, in the BHS H-Wing Computer Lab:
  • 6/13: 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
  • 8/15 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • 8/16 9:30 am -12:30 pm
  • 8/21  10 am - 1 pm
Lastly, in addition to the registration and baseline test, the student’s health record (last physical) must be on file with the BHS nurse’s office, and the physical’s expiration date should be past the end of the sport season.  Students cannot try out or play a sport without a current health record on file. The school and MIAA take this very serious about these things. Kids have been turned away from a tryout and benched from playing until a valid health record has been delivered to the school, so it’s best to get ahead of this now. 

Parents/guardians, we hope these tips will help your kids be ready for Fall. 


The BHSPA created a named scholarship, our first ever, to be given out at the CSF of Bedford Dollars for Scholars 54th Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony on May 29, 2019.


The BHS Parents Association School Service Scholarship is intended to recognize a BHS graduating student who displays motivation, sincerity, and good citizenship at BHS and has shown commitment to supporting peers. It is important to us that we commend a special student, someone who does not hold an elected, nominated, or selected leadership position in a traditional student organization like Student Government, School Council, or School Committee, yet chooses to do good at the school on his/her/their own. 


Congratulations to Aidan Duncan, the 2019 recipient of the BHS Parents Association School Service Scholarship!