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Instructions to Sign Up for Senior Parents/Guardians Notifications

  1. Follow this link
  2.  Scroll to the bottom of the page, to the “Subscribe to the BHSPA list (BHS, Grades 9-12)” section. 
  3. Do not fill in the blank for email unless you want to subscribe to the BHSPA’s general eNews list.  Instead, check the small box under “Special Interest Groups” for Parents/Guardians of Seniors. 
  4. Press “Subscribe”
  5. On the next window, write your email address to subscribe to the Listserver for Parents/Guardians of Seniors.
  6. Your next window will ask you to Confirm Humanity.
  7. Check that you’re not a robot and Subscribe to List. (If you get an error that you’re already subscribed, then thanks for taking care of it earlier! You’re all set!)

Professional Workshop Breakfast

On Friday, January 12, we hosted a continental breakfast for teachers before they spent the day in workshops. It was a pleasant start to the day for the teachers and Principal. 


We know and very much appreciate that many parents and guardians donate and volunteer whenever we ask for help, but Tricia, Elizabeth, Mary, Bonnie, Joan, and Pearlene always reliably help the BHSPA Board by baking. Whether muffins or breads, cookies or bundt cakes, the teachers love the personal touch. Thank you, ladies.  See 

— A heartfelt thanks from Hospitality Co-Chairs Stacy Mortenson and Mary Ann Murphy and the BHSPA Board

Fall Appeal Fundraising Campaign


The Fall Appeal is our primary campaign to collect donations in support of the BHSPA mission to help improve and support BHS, its students, and many programs. 


Within the past year we have supported terrific things like buying outdoor seating for students to enjoy the school courtyards and funding towards Travel Scholarships, History Fair, Tenacity Challenge, STEP program, Ambassador Program, mentors lunch, All Night Grad Party, and more.  We also support enrichment programs for our students with planning underway for an upcoming one during a student assembly about alcohol and drugs. 


A suggested donation of $25 per family is requested, although any amount is appreciated. Please be generous when donating.  Donate before Dec. 31 to enjoy a tax benefit for this year!


Ways to donate:

  1. Cash or check, made payable to the BHSPA.  Deliver to the BHS Front Office or by postal mail to BHSPA, PO Box 484, Bedford, MA 01730.  Please enclose your donation with a completed Fall Appeal Form (found at:
  2. NEW! We now accept donations by PayPal.  Fast and easy process.  This donation will generate a receipt.

Bedford Public Schools: Religious and Cultural Holidays Policy


Dear Families,

Last spring, after a year of deliberations, our interfaith Religious and Cultural Holidays Task Force recommended to the Bedford School Committee that it adopt a policy to govern how such holidays are addressed in our schools.  The committee included parents, students, teachers, clergy and was quite broad in its range of religious faiths and secular beliefs.  Many of you responded to our extensive survey, which was filled out by over 1100 parents, students and staff, and which demonstrated significant majority support for the task force's recommendations.  The survey also revealed disagreements, however, and in order to be sensitive to all perspectives we will review the policy after two years. 


The new guidelines and policy (adopted by the school committee on May 9) is attached [HERE].  

[HERE IS THE 2017-2018 adopted school calendar.]


Best Wishes,

Jon Sills, Superintendent, Bedford Pubic Schools

Thanks for Help with the Back to School Teachers Lunch

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Back-to-School Teacher luncheon a success! A list of everyone who contributed can be found at

How to Update Student & Parent/Guardian Information in Aspen

Follow the instructions below to fill out your Contact Information on the Aspen Parent Portal. An Adobe PDF version of these instructions, including how to update the Emergency information too, with screen shots can be downloaded and used by clicking


Before you try to login, be sure you have enabled popup windows from x2.  Many computers have more than one pop up blocker installed. Most web browsers have their own pop up blocker and tool bars such as Google or Yahoo also can have their own pop up blocker. If you do not know how to enable pop ups from one web site (x2., then you should allow all pop ups while using Aspen.


1.       Go to

2.       Log in with the username and password you received in the mail. If you did not receive a username and password, please contact via or

3.       If this is the first time you have logged into Aspen or if you haven’t logged in for a while, your password is expired. You will be forced to create a new password as you login by re-entering the password from the letter sent home and entering a new password twice. If the pop up window to pick a new password does not appear, you have not allowed pop up from x2. in all your pop up blockers.

4.       Your new password must be 6-character minimum and have at least one capital letter and one number. Password are case sensitive.

5.       Once you are logged in, you can start the Contact Verification process. 

a.       Click on the Initiate button in the Tasks area to the right side of the webpage.

b.       In the Initiate Workflow window, in the Workflow field, pull down to select Contact Verification and the date to today's date.

c.       Select today’s date.

d.       Then click on the magnifying glass to reveal you child/children’s names. You will need to run this Workflow task once for each child you have in the school system.

e.       Select a child by clicking on the button to the left of your child's name and click OK to proceed.

6.       Click Next to go to step 2 of the Wizard.

7.       Any current information that the school has in the system will appear in the boxes on step 2. Correct or fill in all the fields. Please be sure to scroll down to see all the fields.

8.       Click on the Contacts tab at the top to see the list of Parent/Guardian Contacts

9.       Click on each contact name and update the information. Click OK to save the information.  (Davis School parents should also fill in the information on the Davis School Only tab.)

10.   When you have completed filling in the fields, click Next

11.   Click Finish.  If you have more than one child in the Bedford Schools - return to step 5 to run the Contact Verification for each child you have.



The changes you submit will be reviewed by the school office and posted to your child's student record.