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Post-Secondary Guide

The BHSPA is pleased to have paid for the printing of the brand new Post-Secondary Guide Booklet written by Alicia Linsey, Director of Guidance & Counseling K-12.  This handbook is meant to be a general resource for students and their families and features fantastic artwork of BHS students throughout the booklet. 

Juniors should contact the BHS Guidance Department for a hardcopy. A digital version is available to all BHS students in their Naviance portal. 

Midterm Exams 2019

January 17 is the last day of Term 2 in terms of attendance and class work/tests, and January 27th is the deadline for teachers to have grades posted. Remind your student to check Aspen prior to January 27 and talk to their teachers if they have any questions or concerns about posted grades or missing grades.

Midterms, during the week of January 22nd, are fast approaching.  

To figure out a student's midterm exam schedule, fill in the student's classes in the appropriate boxes below. Only 5 or 7.5 credit courses have exams.  THE STUDENT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE IN SCHOOL WHEN THE STUDENT DOES NOT HAVE AN EXAM. Dismissal is at 12:30 pm on 1/22, 1/23, and 1/24 and 10:00 am on 1/25 unless the student is doing a makeup exam. 


^^Detailed determination of Midterm Exam Schedule^^
^^Detailed determination of Midterm Exam Schedule^^
  • Lunch is served on 1/22, 1/23, and 1/24 from 10:00 am - 10:30 am. No lunch is served on 1/25.
  • Students who miss an exam due to illness or exempt absence must make up the missed exam during the make-up exam periods. If an extenuating circumstance results in a student still needing to take an exam(s) after the exam week is over, that student must call the BHS main office to schedule a time during the summer to come in and take the exams. Early exams are not permitted (see BHS Student Handbook).
  • Bus schedule: no late-buses for Hanscom and Bedford during exam week.  On the first three exam days, the buses leave at 12:30 pm. On the fourth day of exams, the bus leaves at 10:05 am. 

 If the school has a delayed opening: there still will be both exams (see below for times). If there is a delayed opening, of any length, on Wednesday, we will have the first exam from 10:00 am-12:00 pm. The second exam will move to the make-up exam period.

  •  One-Hour/90-min Delay (School starts at 8:45 am/9:15 am)
    • Exam One: 9:30 am to 11:30 am.
    • Exam Two: 12 pm-2 pm.
    • Normal bus pickup. 
  • Two-Hour Delay (School starts at 9:45 am)
    • Exam One: 9:45 am to 11:45 pm.
    • Exam Two: 12:15 pm to 2:15 pm.
    • Normal bus pickup.

Dinner Thank You

THANK YOU, PARENTS & GUARDIANS! Thank you to all for the tremendous help in hosting the BHSPA Teacher Conference Dinner.  As they met parents from 4 to 8 PM, the teachers didn’t have to worry about packing a dinner or running out of energy for those last hours.  


Through the great help of many, as evidenced by our thank you list, BHS teachers had a great quick dinner of various Wegmans’ sandwiches, wraps, salads, veggie sushi and fruit, and were able to grab a cup of coffee and sweets before heading back to their classrooms. We received positive feedback and many, many thanks from the teachers who appreciate your support.


The BHSPA would like to thank Wegmans for its generous donation of $200 which helped offset some of the costs.  


Thanks again to our great volunteers and donors within the Bedford High School parent community. 

Simon Says

The BHSPA was happy to pay for the appearance of Brendan Fitzpatrick, the host of some rousing, fun games of Simon Says, during Community Day at BHS on Wednesday, November 21, 2018.  Lots of laughs had by all! 

In an email to parents and guardians from Mrs. Galante at the end of Community Day, she wrote that  “Simon Says . . . was the hit of the day. What a treat watching hundreds of students take part in such a nostalgic game. It is important for us to remember that downtime is important for our kids.  Today was an opportunity to build our community outside of the classroom walls. Mission accomplished.”

Challenge Success Launch at BHS

Join Jon Kleinman of Challenge Success on November 6th at 6:30  in the evening at the Bedford High School Auditorium for a hallmark presentation.  In an effort to foster a common purpose and vision for our students and children, it is important that we hear the same message and start having an honest conversation about the stress levels and overloaded schedules of our students and children.  


This is an important presentation for all parents and guardians with children of all ages.  All parents, guardians, community members, staff and faculty are welcome to attend the evening presentation.  Helping our students find balance, wellness and joy takes a village. 


The Bedford High School Faculty will hear the same presentation earlier that day as part of their professional development series.      


BHS is a new Partner School in the Challenge Success School Program. Challenge Success will engage our school and larger Bedford community in redefining success for kids. Through the program, BHS will work with a Challenge Success team to implement policies and practices to improve student well-being and promote academic engagement.  The November 6th presentation will serve as the launch of Challenge Success at BHS.  

Internet Safety Speaker 10/15/18

The BHSPA and other PTOs of Bedford, specifically, BEST/PTO for the elementary schools and the Middle School Parent Association, as well as Bedford Youth and Family Services and the Public Schools, were very pleased to bring speaker Katie Greer to town.


During the morning and afternoon of October 15, 2018, in the Bedford schools, Katie spoke directly to the students during assemblies at JGMS (Gr. 6, 7, 8),  BHS (Grades 9, 10, 11 & 12), and Lane (Grades 4 & 5.)  There was a Parent Presentation at BHS Auditorium that night.   



High school kids have seen it all and really are in the thick of creating online reputations, whether they know it or not. What they often don’t understand is that people besides their friends, such as colleges, law enforcement, principals, parents, and potential employers, may be looking in on these behaviors regularly. With everything today being chronicled on social media, it’s important that students this age fully understand where things go and how it can impact them today or 5-10 years down the line.


The High School presentation featured an interactive program that invited students to share their personal experiences as Katie shared hers, plus:

  • Social Networking
  • How your digital brand is being established, and who can see what
  • Who are you connecting with
  • Your life captured and shared instantly
  • College admissions
  • Social networking and employment
  • Sexting
    • Definition
    • Legal ramifications and long-term implications
    • Respect
    • Sexting coersion
  • Cyberbullying
    • Definition – cyberbullying versus conflict
    • Real life implications
    • Reporting best practices
  • Digital Tattoos:
    • What you send, share, or save stays there
    • How digital branding can go right or wrong
  • Apps
    • Latest apps/trends
    • What’s tracked, what can be saved or shared, and how it impacts you
    • Troublesome apps
  • Viral kindness
  • Q&A

Parent Chat

Our kids are doing WHAT? What can I do to protect them? Katie helped parents navigate the digital waters and let us know what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next when it comes to our children and technology, and provided parents with proactive initiatives to keep kids safe.  Heather Thacore of BEST/PTO also discussed some of the benefits of the Bedford Promise movement to wait until at least 8th grade to give a child their own personal data device.  Here are items briefly covered during the parent program: 

  • Updates on the latest technology trends and dangers
    • Apps
    • Social networks
    • Device trends
    • Latest concerns
  • Social media:
    • What’s the latest?
    • Age limitations and restrictions
    • Rules and tracking
    • Privacy settings
    • Geo tracking
    • Who are kids connecting with
    • Social media for good
  • Digital Tattoos
    • Implications – good and bad – of chronicling our lives online
    • Teaching our kids to use latest tools responsibly
  • Interactive gaming: Tips for safe gaming
  • Case examples and real life implications
  • Cell phones/smartphones/devices:
    • Trends
    • Things to watch out for
    • Sexting
  • Cyberbullying laws and legislation: What do they mean? What are the implications? What’s coming up and how do we prepare?
  • Overview of what message Katie sends to students
  • Rules and regulations:
    • Proactive steps to make sure your kids are safety using technology
    • Tools to help you be prepared to help foster a positive online experience for your family
    • Suggested restrictions and rules
  • Bedford Promise
  • Q&A