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Annual College Fair on April 4th

(Originally scheduled for 3/14/17, the event has been changed to Tuesday, April 4th.) Students should plan to attend from 6:30-8 pm in the Bedford High School Gymnasium. This is a great opportunity to meet with representatives of many different colleges.  See which colleges have committed to partake:


Before going to the BHS College Fair:

  • Review the List of Colleges/Gap Year Vendors.  Consider all the options including schools you don’t know.  Look up schools and browse their websites.
  • Plan on Attending even if Your Preferred Colleges Aren’t on the List.  Some colleges may sign up to attend the College Fair at the last minute. This has happened in the past, so don't rely on the list as it may be outdated. Still plan on attending and looking around.  Be prepared, just in case.
  • Make a Short List of Good Questions. Keep it short, 1 - 4 questions max.  Avoid questions that could be answered by browsing the college’s website. 
  • Be Ready for Inquiry Cards. Most colleges have interest forms or inquiry cards at their table at the Fair that students can complete for information to be mailed to them. A good idea is to print and take mailing labels to put on the forms quickly, including the student name, address, email, phone number, high school name, year of graduation, and possible majors of study (undecided is okay to include.)  If the student is interested in a sport at college, include it too.
  • Create a List of Colleges You Want to Visit at the Fair.


At the College Fair:


  • Look Presentable and be Courteous.  The Fair is casual but don’t dress slouchy or look disheveled.  It’s okay to be in casual clothes and even sportswear having come from practice.  Just clean up and look presentable. The college table will be staffed by admissions personnel or alumni who are active with the college so it’s important to make a good impression.  Use good manners and speak clearly.  Smile!
  • See if There is a Map of the College Tables.  Use a map to organize yourself around the room.  If there is no map, move around the room in a direction that is less crowded than the obvious flow of traffic in order to give you a bit more one-on-one time at your preferred destination tables.   
  • Stop by Other Tables that Aren’t on Your Pre-Planned List. You never know which other college might become appealing or interesting.  Sometimes the ones you put on your list really aren’t the right fit.  Be open to new colleges.  Keep an open mind.
  • Ask your Pre-Planned Questions. Don’t forget to ask the questions that you prepared before the Fair.  Keep it short and sweet because there may be a line of other people. 
  • Fill Out the Interest Forms/Inquiry Cards. Sign up for their mailing lists.  Some colleges track who has displayed an interest in their school so make sure you sign up.  Use your pre-addressed labels, if you brought them.
  • Ask the Alumni at the Table. Colleges often have either school admissions officers or local alumni at the table to answer questions.  If there are alumni, ask about their own experiences at the college.  First-hand experience always gives a good insight.

2017-2018 International Trips

Students attending Bedford High School during the 2017-2018 school year have the opportunity to attend an international trip to the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Spain. Each trip takes place during a school vacation week or during the summer.


Dominican Republic - In February, Mr. Zellner is leading a trip to the Dominican Republic. The tour starts with a Santo Domingo walk to learn about the history and culture of the city. It continues with a two day visit to the Orfanato Ninos de Cristo to meet and volunteer help with the children. There are then three days that include a day at the beach, hiking the Padre Nuestro Jungle Trail, and a zip-line adventure.


Panama - In April, Mr. Griffin is leading an excursion to Panama. During the trip, you will visit the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal, spend a day with the indigenous Embra tribe, embark on a whitewater rafting adventure, and hike in the Gamboa Rainforest. There are many more excursions planned to introduce you to the biodiversity of Panama.


Spain - In July, Mr. Hebert is leading a trip to Spain. Highlights include touring Barcelona landmarks, having a traditional Paella meal, visiting Madrid and Seville, Flamenco dancing, and a guided excursion to Morocco.


To learn more about each trip and to pick up application information, please email these teachers for more information: 


February – Dominican Republic –

April – Panama –

July – Spain –

A Message from BHS on 3/1/2017

I hope that all students had an opportunity to recharge over February vacation.  Though somewhat tired, students arrived back to school on Monday eager for a routine and ready to learn. Now that we have returned, the scheduling process has begun. Though we have communicated with our 8th graders and parents about the transition to high school and scheduling, the parents of our current BHS students might feel "in the dark."  Though we encourage independence and self-advocacy, it is not our intention to exclude parents from this important process.  Below you will find some helpful information regarding scheduling for the 2017-2018 academic year.  I have also included some additional announcements for your information.


I hope that the information helps put some fears to rest.  Know that we are here should you have any questions or concerns.



Heather Galante, Principal



  Scheduling Information for 2017-2018

We are currently scheduling for 2017-2018 school year.  The course selection process is designed provide all Bedford High School students with a course load that will interest and challenge them.  Our 9th, 10th and 11th grade teachers have input course recommendations with the appropriate level for your students.  Students are now selecting elective courses to fill the remainder of their schedules  Students have access to their Aspen Portals and are inputting course requests through the portal. The deadline to submit requests is March 19th.  Parents are encouraged to have conversations with their child(ren) about what a balanced schedule will consist of as this varies from student to student.  Please review and refer to the Program of Studies for course descriptions, the scheduling procedures and graduation requirements:


Please know that teachers do speak with their students regarding the recommendation process and take placement very seriously. They have invaluable knowledge about how your students learn best and choose the appropriate level in which your student will be successful.  If you or your student has a question regarding the level placement for a particular course, please contact the teacher to discuss. If a student would like to be considered for a level change, the student must submit a Level Change Request Form and by April 7th.  The forms may be picked up in the Guidance Office or can be accessed by clicking the following link:


Guidance Counselors also meet with their students in small groups to review course selections. Please feel free to reach out to your student's Guidance Counselor should you have any questions and/or concerns regarding the scheduling process. 


Advanced Placement Exam Information 

AP Exam Registration is open now through March 8th. AP teachers handed out registration materials in class before school break. Students should bring completed registration forms and cash or check to Mrs. Ferrari in the Guidance Office. Each exam costs $110. Fee reductions are available for qualifying students. All exam takers are required to attend an x block pre-administration session on Monday, April 10th in the Library. Again, please be sure to register for the exams by Wednesday, March 8th. 


Class of 2017 Fundraiser (from the Officers)

1) The senior class is hosting a town yard sale at the BHS Front Cafeteria on Sunday, APRIL 2, 11 AM - 4 PM. People can come to see what others are selling, and for those interested in selling old possessions we will be selling cafeteria tables for $50 per space. Contact Savannah En at for more details. Food from Bedford businesses will also be sold. 



Students, 12 - 18 years of Age, can Ride the Bedford DASH Shuttle (read blog about requirements)

Finding it challenging to get your kids to and from afterschool activities? Want to help your child flex their independence muscles? The Bedford DASH ( offers an alternative to your parental taxi service, while helping your kids learn to navigate in the community!

The DASH provides door-to-door transportation, available for all adult Bedford residents including youths age 12 – 18 who may ride the DASH independently if parental permission is on file.  See the details below and on their website. 

·         WHAT ARE THE TIMES?  Except for designated holidays, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and  Friday, noon – 6 pm.  

·         WHERE TO?  The DASH drives around Bedford and between Bedford to/from Concord, Billerica, Burlington and Lexington, depending on availability.  

·         PERMISSION FORM FOR YOUTHS 12 – 18 TO RIDE WITHOUT AN ACCOMPANYING ADULT:  Here is the permission packet of information including the form to be signed and completed:  found on and must be returned via mail (Send to: Bedford DASH c/o TransAction Associates, Inc., 5 Wheeling Avenue, Woburn MA 01801) or by email to

·         DO YOU NEED TO SUBMIT THE PERMISSION FORM BEFORE EACH RIDE?  No!  Submit it just once per school year (see EXPIRATION DATE section below.)  However, the Dash Pass must be shown to the driver before every ride (see DASH PASS section below.) 

·         PARENTS CAN SET RESTRICTIONS OR GIVE COMMENTS:  At the bottom of the Permission Form, parents can tell DASH specific requests.  Examples: 

a.       Limit rides to only Bedford, not to neighboring towns.   

b.       Make a note that the youth can arrange the bookings without parent involvement. 

c.       Or limit the bookings to be by parent only, not the youth.

·         DASH PASS:  Once registered, a DASH pass (an identification card specific to your youth and your documented permission on file) will be mailed to your home and the student should carry and show the pass each time they ride.  NOTE:  The passes are non-replaceable if lost or stolen!  Contact with any problems. 

·         EXPIRATION DATE: The pass expires when the Bedford’s school year ends (presently school ends on June 19 unless snow dates occur and result in added day(s) to the end of the school year.)  For summer 2017 and school year 2017-2018, a new permission form must be competed.

·         COST:  Youth, seniors, Veterans, and Medicare cardholders pay $1 each way in-town and $2 each way out-of-town. (Adults ages 18-64 pay $2 each way for in-town services and $4 each way for out-of-town destinations.  Exact change is required.

However, discounted pre-paid cards (25 $1-fare rides for only $20) are available either in person from the driver (by cash or check made out to TransAction Corporate Shuttles) or by ordering online for $20.  Booking and forms available online at or call 781-275-DASH (3274)

·         HOW TO BOOK A RIDE?  Call 781-275-DASH (3274) or use the online request form at  Rides are booked on a 1st book, 1st serve basis so the sooner you book, the better the chance to get the time you requested.  DASH may contact you about rearranging bookings if needed.  If you have a DASH pass and want to flag down the DASH shuttle, you may try but there is no promise or guarantee that the DASH will stop or, even if it does, give you a ride since the shuttle usually is on a schedule to pick up people who correctly booked in advance with specifically requested pickup times. 

The above is current as of 2/14/2017 and may change from time to time, at the sole discretion of the Bedford DASH program, not BHSPA.  You must check for the latest details.   

Any questions or bookings?  Call 781-275-DASH (3274) 


Teacher Conferences Dinner

Many thanks to the many people who helped the BHSPA put together a nice grab-and-go dinner for our BHS teachers and staff last week for the evening of parent-teacher conferences.  It was very successful.  The sandwiches and all desserts were devoured, and we now know that next year we need to get more food!


To buy the main food from Wegman’s, we requested monetary donations and these wonderful people donated, some of them giving multiple amounts of which we especially are grateful:  Wally and May Jew,  Maureen Eliason, Alison Malkin, Kristen Manning, Jillian Friel,  Laurie Pariseau, Marge Heckman, Barbara Kelley, Lynn Dresel, Tina Nappi, Stacy Mortenson, Jenn Heller, Marylee Pequeno, Sheila Albrecht, Sandra Michelman, Eileen Hickey, Sue MacPhee, Carla Bradford, Karine Marino, Brenda Kenahan, Lori Alper, Lana Sechkina, Lorelei De Gala Ngooi, Kelly Craven, Deborah Griffin, Marian Abraham, Renu Bostwick, Yan Chen, Soraya Stevens, Sue Gardner, Shari Pedonesi, Lorene Simoneau.


Manpower for set up, clean up, and/or help during the dinner was given by Stacy Mortenson, Venus Ho, Lita Verrier, Lauren Bartkus, Carla Bradford, Heidi Collins, Tara Harbor, and Claire Demeo.  Supplies were provided by Hillary DeMello, Carla Bradford, and Delinda May, and beverages by Joan Turnberg, Shari Pedonesi, and Ping Shao.  The delicious desserts were very popular, and we thank bakers Carla Bradford, Bonnie McCulloch, Joan Turnberg, Marian Abraham, Pearlene Varjabedian, Rachel Duncan, Deb Kreutzer, and Diane Bernstein. 


Last, and certainly not least, the BHSPA would like to thank Stacy Mortenson for managing the teacher conferences dinner.  The BHS parent community is very lucky to have Stacy step up and manage hospitality for the BHSPA. She's a gem.

College Planning Night Presentation

In case you missed it, here is the POWERPOINT presented by Guidance Director Ms. Amie Capodanno on Sept. 13, 2016. 

In addition, here is the Senior Guidance presentation of September 8, 2016. 

The Juniors College Planning PowerPoint of January 7, 2017 is available too. 

Support the BHS Rolling Tones at an A Cappella festival on March 4, 2017. 

Come cheer on the Bedford HS Rolling Tones!  They will join other talented high school and college a cappella groups at the EmerSong, an A Cappella Festival, on Saturday, March 4, 7:00pm at Kerem Shalom , 659 Elm St in Concord.  

Presented by the Auxiliary of Emerson Hospital, EmerSong is family-friendly and will feature cabaret style seating, tapas and desserts and lots of fun!  Tickets are $20 and can be purchased via link found at: or by calling
(978)287-8765.  All proceeds benefit an exercise-based pilot program for addiction recovery.  We hope that you will show your support for BHS and
enjoy the show!