Michelle Saber - BHSBucsParents@gmail.com

Kerry Rackey - kerryrackey@gmail.com

Co-Vice Presidents:   

Carla Bradford - carlajbradford@yahoo.com

Diane Bernstein - ddm.bernstein@verizon.net

Jenn Puhle - jennpuhle@verizon.net

Claire Demeo - tomclairedemeo@verizon.net  


Communications Coordinator:
Hillary DeMello - BHSBucsParents@gmail.com



Stacy Mortenson - stacy.mortenson@comcast.net

Mary Ann Murphy - maryann.murphy@revobiologics.com



Wendy Cordero  - wcordero@verizon.net


Senior Parents Send-off Committee:

Lita Verrier - lita.verrier@rmkb.com 

Volunteer Opportunities

The BHSPA is comprised of a group of BHS parent/guardian volunteers who organize efforts to support the school, students, teachers, and staff.  We need your help to provide an active role in the school.  Below are positions that need extra help. 


Contact BHSBucsParents@gmail.com about any of these positions. 

  • Communications: are you savvy with social media?  Are you a marketing maven familiar with Mail Chimp?  Even if you don’t know the latter two platforms, but you’re good with Facebook, emailing, and/or Twitter, we can teach you the basics so you can take over.  One or two people can share this job.  We have a Twitter feed, Facebook account, and weekly & as-needed email blast via Mail Chimp.
  • Hospitality:  Coordinates refreshments for school staff activities.  The committee solicits food and refreshments from families for activities like the Welcome Back Teachers Luncheon in the Fall, their Holiday sweet treats, and Teacher/School Staff Appreciation Day.  
  • Teacher Appreciation Day Coordinator: A person or small group is needed to organize this catered lunch and raffle day.  Coordinator manages a Sign-Up Genius to get volunteers to provide some food items, set up/clean up help, and raffle donations.  This person can be the Hospitality Chair or work independently. 
  • Special Fundraising Events:  The school looks to the BHSPA to contribute funds towards programs for our students, especially when the school budget is tight. All funds raised go back to the school and kids.  Plan and coordinate fundraising events & efforts with the Board and other volunteers. Busiest time in August, September, October. 
  • Boston/Bedford Connection Liaisons: Function as liaisons between the BHSPA and METCO program, thes parent managers will work on strengthening a welcoming community for METCO children at BHS and in Bedford.  The liaisons would participate in METCO meetings occasionally and organizes host families for METCO children to have a home to stay in Bedford when needed. 
  • School Council: The School Council is composed of the principal, two teachers, four parents (2 Bedford residents, 1 Hanscom, and 1 METCO)  and one community representative (at large member.)  All members, other than the principal, are elected for two-year terms. The Council: (1) assists the principal in adopting educational goals for the school; (2) identifies the educational needs of students attending the school; (3) reviews the school’s annual budget; and (4) formulates a school improvement plan. 
    • Our METCO and Hanscom positions are filled, with Chevanese VanDyke (METCO) and Brett Millican (Hanscom), whose terms expire June 2018.  
    • Our two Bedford positions are filled, by Kerry Rackey and Lori Alper, whose terms expire June 2019.  

Don’t see something here but still want to help?  We’d love to hear from you!