1.       Student Planner Update:  only a few printed ones remain. There no longer is online ordering of planners. $10 cash or check made payable to BHSPA. Go to the front office and ask to buy one from the staff there. If you pre-ordered one and have yet to pick it up, also ask the front office staff for it. They have a list of the ones that have yet to be picked up. 


Click here for a free downloadable PDF copy of the planner (110 pages.) 


2.       Student Directory: Pre-orders can be picked up at Back to School Night on Thursday, Ocotober 11.  We are selling a limited supply of extras, too. $10 for one Directory or $15 for two, by cash or check made payable to the BHSPA. There no longer is online ordering of planners.




Donations are being accepted all year long. Consider donating before the end of the year to get a tax receipt for your donation as BHSPA is part of the Bedford Schools Association, a 501(c) charitable organization. Money that we collect goes back into supporting BHS, its students, programs, and events.  To donate online, click here.


If you prefer to donate by cash or check:

Please enclose a completed BHSPA Fall Appeal Form with your order(s) and/or donation.  

Make checks payable to the BHSPA. Delivery payment to the attention of the BHSPA in the BHS Front Office at 9 Mudge Way. Thank you.