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Student Directory:   

The school has told us that the Directory is delayed due to giving more people a chance to update their information in Aspen and opt out if so desired. The estimated time of delivery is the week of September 25, perhaps earlier.


To buy one or two Student Directories, you may pay by cash, check, or PayPal.  If paying by cash or check (payable to: BHSPA), please deliver to BHS Front Office or mail to BHSPA, PO Box 484, Bedford, MA 01730.)  We will print 250 copies of the Directory and sell until supplies run out.  


Below, you can Add to Cart and pay via PayPal:

Buy a Student Directory (select 1 for $10 or 2 for $15)

Student Directories are sold only to registered BHS students and are not intended for the public or resale. Use of names, addresses, and email listings for any business or commercial purpose, solicitation, including copying, or other use, is prohibited. No part of  the Directory may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical or otherwise.  To be clear, Directories may not be uploaded or published on any social media, in the interest of privacy and protection of personal information.  The BHSPA specifically disclaims any responsibility for any unauthorized use of the Directories.




Student Planner:  


UPDATE AS OF 9-6-17, 11 AM:  We are completely sold out of printed Planners but have ordered more which should arrive by Monday 9/11.  All pre-orders as of 9/5 are ready for pickup at the BHSPA table outside of the cafeteria during lunches this week.  Below, you may order a planner for pickup on 9/11 (or perhaps sooner if the printer has them ready). 


Read our post for details about the Student Planner.   


 If paying by cash or check (payable to: BHSPA), please deliver to BHS Front Office or mail to BHSPA, PO Box 484, Bedford, MA 01730.)  


No child will be denied the opportunity to acquire a hardcopy Planner because of financial reasons. Parents/guardians and/or teachers who are aware of financial concerns should contact the School Principal or an Assistant Principal. In addition, LABBB families and BHS teachers who want a hardcopy Planner should contact School Administration for their copies.     


Below, you can Add to Cart and pay via PayPal:  

Buy a Student Planner ($10 each)

If you like to order more than one Planner, press "Add to Cart" and when you go to checkout, you may increase the Quantity to the desired number of Planners. Each Planner is $10.


Donation, as an add-on when buying a Student Directory or Student Planner:  This will put your donation and purchase(s) on one receipt instead of separate ones.  If you only want to donate and not buy anything, scroll down to the next section.)


Donations ranging from $5 to $100, with $25 being the most common donation. Pull down to select the amount or added increments that you'd like to give. Thank you!



(this section is for a stand-alone donation, not to be used when purchasing a Student Directory or Student Planner. This donation process is fast and easy.  You tell us the amount you want to donate and there is no shopping cart process.  This donation will generate a receipt.)

All parents/guardians are members of the BHSPA, but we collect no dues and therefore rely solely on donations and fundraising to support different student programs and school initiatives, such as the purchase of outdoor seating for students to enjoy the school courtyards and funding towards Travel Scholarships, History Fair, Tenacity Challenge, STEP program, Ambassador Program, mentors lunch, and more.   


Donations are welcomed throughout the year.  The Fall Appeal is our primary campaign that funds donations through the full school year.


Your donation may be tax deductible, as the BHSPA is part of the Bedford Schools Association, a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Donate before Dec. 31 to enjoy a tax benefit for this year!


A suggested donation of $20 per family is requested, although any amount is appreciated. Please be generous when donating! 


Ways to donate:

  • Cash or check, made payable to the BHSPA.  Deliver to the BHS Front Office or by postal mail to BHSPA, PO Box 484, Bedford, MA 01730.  Please enclose your donation with a completed Fall Appeal Form.
  • NEW! We now accept donations by PayPal.  Click the Donate button (below).