Directory Changes & Opt Outs

In the Fall, a Student Directory is prepared that lists all BHS students in grades 9 - 12. The data is compiled from the information that is on file with the registrar's office, as noted in the parent portal of Aspen. Specifically, the listing will include a student's home address, home phone, guardian/parents' names and a primary email. 


If a student resides with both parents at the same location, then the Directory will list the student's name, both parents names with their home address and home phone, and the one email that is listed with the school as the primary parent email. If a student has a parent who resides in a different location from the student and primary parent, then the Directory will have two separate listings for the student: one line will include the student's home address, home phone, and the primary parent's name and email, and a second, separate line for parent #2's address, home phone, and email.  


Parents can choose to change or exclude the data that is listed. Changes and exclusions noted here will be to the Directory only and will not impact or update in the registrar's records or Aspen. Use this webpage to request changes and/or exclusions to the Directory. (If you do nothing, the data in Aspen will be included in the Directory.) 


ALL REQUESTS TO CHANGE OR OPT OUT MUST BE SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6.  Each submission is time stamped; if the deadline is missed, the data likely will not be changed.

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