Back to School Lunch for Staff

Group photo above, from left to right: Venus Ho, Hospitality Co-Chair Stacy Mortenson, and Bonnie McCulloch

Back to School Luncheon Made Possible by Generous BHS Parents & Guardians:


Thanks so much to all who helped out even before the start of school!  Our Back to School lunch for staff was a huge success.   

Volunteers for Setup, Service &/or Cleanup:

Diane Bernstein, Susan DiGangi, Venus Ho, Bonnie McCulloch, Kerry Rackey, Joan Turnberg



Carla Bradford, Karen Kail Brown, Susan DiGangi, Lisa Felice, Amber Hanson, Venus Ho, Bonnie McCulloch, Kathy Recca, Joan Turnberg, Pearlene Varjabedian


Salads and Fruit:

Diane Bernstein, Carla Bradford, Eun Chong, Heidi Collins, Lisa Harrell, Stacy Mortenson


Water & Coffee:

Diane Bernstein, Heidi Collins, Karen Cox, Tammy Morris



Susan DiGangi, Gina Stephan, Monica Sullivan


Monetary donations: 

Amanda Kato  Lisa Harrell

Marian Abraham     Maria Loughlin

Lori Alper        Kalpana Manne

Renu BostwickKim Marino

Jessica Castro         Lori Martini

Andrea Couve Tammy Morris 

Karen Cox       Teri Morrow

Judy CriscitielloJess O’Connor

Neetu Devdas  Katy S

Amy Doherty    Michelle Saber

Boris Gitlin       Beth Venuti 
Tara Goss Lisa Warhover 

Audrey Gould   Ellen Young

Tara Harbour