School Council Voting



[This paragraph has been updated as of 6 pm, Mon., 9/24:  

METCO parent representative: this position has re-opened.  Any parent/guardian who has a BHS student in the METCO program may run. Please submit your name, email, phone number, and a brief statement to before 12 pm, Friday, 9/28/18. The voting window for this position will open from Monday, 10/2/18 through 9 am, Friday, 10/5/18. Only the name and statement (not the email or phone number) will be posted in the Aspen ballot.]


If there are any questions, please contact who will relay it to BHS Admin and the IT Department.



Instructions for voting:  

  1. Log in to the Aspen Parent Portal. If you are  viewing on a mobile phone, scroll down on the home page and select Full Site view. 
  2. Go to "Page Directory" on left hand side of page. 
  3. For the "Pages I'm a Member Of", press "Add" under "BHS Parents" ("add", do not "remove" the parent group.)
  4. Go back to the Page Directory on the left hand side of the page and click on "Other". 
  5. Click on "New" to start the voting process.  
  6. Click the "Begin" button, select your choices, and click "finish" for your vote to be counted. 


The term for representation on the Council is maximum two years. If during the term, the parent’s BHS student no longer attends BHS, for example, the family moves out of Bedford or the child switches to another school, then the parent representative’s term will end. 


Once elected, the new METCO and Hanscom reps will serve on the School Council with the current Bedford-residing parent representatives, Lori Alper and Kerry Rackey (both of whom presently are in the 2nd year of their 2-year terms), as well as the Assistant Principals, and several teacher and student representatives. 


NOTE: The first School Council Meeting will be 10/9 at 2:45 pm. This is a rescheduled date from the originally planned 10/2 date. 



Hanscom: (3 candidates)


Brandi Ruiz (has a senior student and therefore would run for only 1 year)

I am interested in representing Hanscom families as a member of the Bedford High School Parent-Student Council.  As a parent of 4 military children that have attended schools from Guam to Turkey and California to Massachusetts, I feel I can speak to the unique challenges faced by our Hanscom families and students.  We had the opportunity to be stationed here at Hanscom from 2007-2011, during which time our eldest son, Ryan, graduated from Bedford High School and proceeded to attend Berklee College of Music. His transition from Turkey to Massachusetts in 2007 was especially challenging for him since Bedford was his 3rd high school in four years.  We returned in 2017, when I accepted a DoD civilian position and our youngest son, Christian, struggled with the move from Colorado to Massachusetts going into his junior year.


I often describe myself as a professional military spouse, having “served” since my husband joined the Air Force in 1984.  During our 30 years of active duty service, I have endured multiple relocations, various deployments and a remote tour all while raising a family, going to school and attempting to establish a career.  I can speak to the trials and tribulations faced by our military families and students, while also sharing in the successes we experience when we overcome challenges.


Professionally, I am currently the Airman & Family Readiness Center Director and we are dedicated to supporting all families that Live, Work and Play in the Hanscom community.


Bob Ralston: (has a senior student and therefore would run for only 1 year)

I am interested in serving as the Hanscom parent representative at BHS. My son Nicholas is now attending as a new student and Senior at BHS and we reside on Hanscom, AFB having recently moved from Huntsville, AL.


In addition to my many years of service in the US Army and various other community activities, I have been pursuing a Doctoral degree in educational leadership at Liberty University for the past two years. It is my intent to pivot eventually from the US Army to the Educational profession after military retirement. My intent in serving at BHS is to bring my experience as an active Army Colonel along with my interests and studies in school administration to assist in policy making, school improvement plans, and school building budget. Other formal education includes an MBA with emphasis in Management and Masters in Strategic Studies. 


Frank Gaillard:  (running for a 2-year term, has a junior student)


I respectfully request consideration to serve as a representative of the Hanscom AFB community on the Bedford High School Council. 


I have resided at Hanscom for over 5 years, have over 2 decades of professional experience in leading and managing people and organizations, and have served as a adjunct professor at a university. I welcome the opportunity to assist the school leadership in adopting educational goals, addressing educational needs, reviewing budget and developing the school improvement plan.  Timing is perfect, as I am a parent of a BHS junior, and will be residing at Hanscom AFB for the next 3 years. Looking forward to serving the Bedford High School community.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.  Go Bucs!


What is School Council?

Parent representation on the School Council is essential as the role of School Council is to assist principals by reviewing the school building budget and developing the school improvement plan. Councils may also take on other responsibilities, including policy making, as granted by the local school committee. Councils' school improvement plans are submitted to the local school committee for review and approval.


The law outlines four major areas of responsibility for councils. School councils are to assist principals in:

  • Adopting educational goals for the school that are consistent with local educational policies and statewide student performance standards 
  • Identifying the educational needs of students attending the school 
  • Reviewing the annual school building budget 
  • Formulating a school improvement plan 


Below is a link to the DESE website which provide further information: