Bedford High School distributes an iPad to every student as a learning tool.  The school iPads will be provided to new students and freshmen at the BHS iPad Orientation sessions.


iPad Orientation Sessions:  New BHS students and at least one parent/guardian must be in attendance at one of the sessions. (Yes, the parent/guardian must attend!)


There are two available sessions:  Thursday, Aug. 23 at 6 pm and Monday, Aug. 27 at 6 pm. 


Each iPad Orientation will cover: 

     - The role of iPads in Bedford High School

     - BPS Computer Acceptable Use Policy

     - Family obligation

     - iPad assignment and step-by-step setup 

     - Optional insurance for the iPad


You must register to attend one of the iPad Orientation session via the following link: 



 If you are unable to attend either of the session, please contact the student's Assistant Principal.  Daniel Hudder is assigned to students with last names A-K, and Thomas Casey is assigned to student with last names L-Z.  Call BHS to speak to them.  The iPads will not be issued prior to the orientation nights which may mean that the student will start the year off without a school-issued iPad.  Mr. Hudder and Mr. Casey will keep track of the students that are unable to make either Orientation. 


INSURANCE:  Wise, experienced parents wonder "how can all those iPads possibly make it intact through the whole school year and through senior year?"  The answer is "not all of them do". 


It is strongly recommended that parents & guardians purchase insurance to cover the cost of damage or theft. Better safe than sorry. 


A few years ago, the BHPSA helped the school by identifying the Worth Ave Group as a reasonably-priced insurance provider for student iPads.  You may purchase insurance from Worth Ave Group to cover accidental damage, theft, power surge, vandalism, fire, flood, and natural disasters. 


Follow the link for insurance information:  https://goo.gl/VAZhVm


- Insurance questions should be directed to the main office at the high school at 781-275-1700 or the Worth Ave Group.