Place a Directory Ad

Post a coupon or promote your business in the BHS Student Directory! 


The Student Directory is published for and reaches hundreds of BHS families across Bedford, Hanscom AFB, and Boston homes.  Local businesses and organizations are invited to place an ad for as low as $50. Ads help us defray our costs in preparing the Directory for our students and allow us to focus our support on school enrichment and student programs.


Ads are grayscale, placed first on the back cover and then on the inside back cover of the Directory, on a first come, first serve basis.  Each space is $50 per business-card size ad. You may increase the size, i.e., $100 for 1/3 of the page, $150 for half, $200 for 2/3 page, and $300 for the full page. We can work with a JPG, TIF, BMP, or PDF file.  


The Directory is projected to hopefully publish the third week of school (depending on the school's collection of Aspen data for use in the Directory.) Please RSVP your ad space as soon as possible by emailing us BHSBucsParents@gmail.com. You may email the ad to us there.


Deadline to submit your ad: August 31st. We will invoice you after receiving your ad.