Community Service


Dear Seniors and Senior Parents,


Seniors at BHS are required to do 18 hours of community service. Ms. Brianna Pesce and I are the community service teachers, which means we post community service opportunities and log the students’ hours in Aspen.  The students get a pass/fail grade for each quarter, and it is important for them to pass community service in order to graduate. I have attached a more detailed Google Slides presentation about the community service requirements, and here is a short list of important details and deadlines.


  1. Students must fill out a Community Service Plan and do 18 hours of community service.  They can complete all 18 hours now, or they may spread it out through the year. However, they have to have done 6 hours by the end of Quarter 2, 12 hours by the end of Quarter 3, and 18 hours by the end of Quarter 4. They can hand their forms in anytime, and earlier is better. Below are the deadlines:  

    1. Quarter 1: Community Service Plan due by October 30th

    2. Quarter 2: 6 hours due by January 10th

    3. Quarter 3: 6 hours due by April 2nd

    4. Quarter 4: 6 hours due by June 1st

  2. The students must fill out Community Service Signature Forms each time they do community service. They should pick these up from the drop-off/pick-up table in the main office BEFORE they do community service so they can bring it with them. An adult in charge at the community service must sign it.

  3. Students pick up the Community Service Signature form and the Community Service Plan form in the main office on the pick-up/drop-off table. They also turn in their completed plan and signature forms on the same table in the main office. There are designated bins for blank forms and completed forms.

  4. If a student does not turn in their forms by the appropriate deadline or does not complete their plan during quarter 1 or their 6 hours of community service during quarters 2, 3, and 4, then they will fail community service for that quarter.

  5. As the end of the quarter approaches, we will send out reminder emails to students who have not completed their community service requirements.

  6. If you have any questions or concerns, you may email Ms. Pesce or Ms. Faulstich. Ms. Pesce logs the students hours in Aspen and Ms. Faulstich posts community service opportunities and helps students find community service projects that they are passionate about.

  7. Here is the link to the community service website where opportunities, digital copies of the forms, and other important info will be posted:

    Here is a link to the Community Service Presentation:


Ms.Faulstich and Ms. Pesce