Yearbook Order Forms & Seniors Deadlines

Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors:  order the BHS Yearbook via an online portal: (enter BHS school code 13423) or pay by check, using the Yearbook Order Form found below. January 20 is the deadline for orders at a rate of $80/yearbook. After January 20th, the price will be $100, on a first come, first serve basis due to very limited spare supplies.  

BHS 2018 Yearbook Order Form
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BHS Class of 2018 and their parents/guardians:  there are many deadlines in the Fall pertaining to the yearbook.  Below are relevant deadlines and forms/documents, as shared with us by Yearbook Advisor Mrs. Santos.  This information will posted on the BHS website soon. 

Several Deadlines for Class of 2018
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October 6: Individual Baby/Elementary Pictures with schoolmates. Send to Enter the school code Bedford. (Make sure you capitalize the B in Bedford.) When uploading the individual baby pictures, identify the student by name, writing first name and then last name.


October 6: Senior Thanks - (Limit to 175 words)
Please note: Text slang and most abbreviations are not acceptable. For example, you may use BFF for "best friends forever", but "u r gr8" is not acceptable. Drug or alcohol references are also not acceptable. Send your senior thanks in a Word document to


October 13: Business Ads. Submit 2 ads and get a free yearbook.


October 13: Senior Portraits.  BHS recommends Smile-Pro for the portraits, 781-275-2015 and,but if you choose another vendor, please submit portraits to yearbook in the size 2.5” x 3” with a DPI of 300.  Please send all photos to or


December 8: Parents Ads. Here is the 2-page Parent Ad Order Form  or you can order line (if that link doesn’t work, go to, enter BHS school code 13423 and follow tab for Yearbook Ads.)

Order Form for Parents to Place Ads in the Yearbook for their Seniors
2018 Parent Ad Order Form (3 pages).pdf
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