Students, 12 - 18 years of Age, can Ride the Bedford DASH Shuttle (read blog about requirements)

Finding it challenging to get your kids to and from afterschool activities? Want to help your child flex their independence muscles? The Bedford DASH ( offers an alternative to your parental taxi service, while helping your kids learn to navigate in the community!

The DASH provides door-to-door transportation, available for all adult Bedford residents including youths age 12 – 18 who may ride the DASH independently if parental permission is on file.  See the details below and on their website. 

·         WHAT ARE THE TIMES?  Except for designated holidays, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and  Friday, noon – 6 pm.  

·         WHERE TO?  The DASH drives around Bedford and between Bedford to/from Concord, Billerica, Burlington and Lexington, depending on availability.  

·         PERMISSION FORM FOR YOUTHS 12 – 18 TO RIDE WITHOUT AN ACCOMPANYING ADULT:  Here is the permission packet of information including the form to be signed and completed:  found on and must be returned via mail (Send to: Bedford DASH c/o TransAction Associates, Inc., 5 Wheeling Avenue, Woburn MA 01801) or by email to

·         DO YOU NEED TO SUBMIT THE PERMISSION FORM BEFORE EACH RIDE?  No!  Submit it just once per school year (see EXPIRATION DATE section below.)  However, the Dash Pass must be shown to the driver before every ride (see DASH PASS section below.) 

·         PARENTS CAN SET RESTRICTIONS OR GIVE COMMENTS:  At the bottom of the Permission Form, parents can tell DASH specific requests.  Examples: 

a.       Limit rides to only Bedford, not to neighboring towns.   

b.       Make a note that the youth can arrange the bookings without parent involvement. 

c.       Or limit the bookings to be by parent only, not the youth.

·         DASH PASS:  Once registered, a DASH pass (an identification card specific to your youth and your documented permission on file) will be mailed to your home and the student should carry and show the pass each time they ride.  NOTE:  The passes are non-replaceable if lost or stolen!  Contact with any problems. 

·         EXPIRATION DATE: The pass expires when the Bedford’s school year ends (presently school ends on June 19 unless snow dates occur and result in added day(s) to the end of the school year.)  For summer 2017 and school year 2017-2018, a new permission form must be competed.

·         COST:  Youth, seniors, Veterans, and Medicare cardholders pay $1 each way in-town and $2 each way out-of-town. (Adults ages 18-64 pay $2 each way for in-town services and $4 each way for out-of-town destinations.  Exact change is required.

However, discounted pre-paid cards (25 $1-fare rides for only $20) are available either in person from the driver (by cash or check made out to TransAction Corporate Shuttles) or by ordering online for $20.  Booking and forms available online at or call 781-275-DASH (3274)

·         HOW TO BOOK A RIDE?  Call 781-275-DASH (3274) or use the online request form at  Rides are booked on a 1st book, 1st serve basis so the sooner you book, the better the chance to get the time you requested.  DASH may contact you about rearranging bookings if needed.  If you have a DASH pass and want to flag down the DASH shuttle, you may try but there is no promise or guarantee that the DASH will stop or, even if it does, give you a ride since the shuttle usually is on a schedule to pick up people who correctly booked in advance with specifically requested pickup times. 

The above is current as of 2/14/2017 and may change from time to time, at the sole discretion of the Bedford DASH program, not BHSPA.  You must check for the latest details.   

Any questions or bookings?  Call 781-275-DASH (3274)