Instructions to View Your Student's Class Schedule

Step by step instructions on how to view a student’s schedule of classes as a 6-day calendar (a Matrix View) in Aspen: 

  1. Log into Aspen  It can be in the student or parent's Aspen portal, and, if you are using your smart phone, scroll midway down and select “View Full Site” to do this.
  2. On the toolbar across the top of your screen, select “Family” and then check the box by your student’s name.
  3. On the bar on the left side of the screen, select “Schedule”.
  4. If the schedule appears as a List, press “Matrix View>> (found under the word Options) and the list will convert to a 6-day school calendar.  On the other hand, if the classes appear in a calendar format (Matrix), press <<List View (found under the word Options) and the matrix will switch to a list.  You can toggle between Matrix View and List View.

See for information about Aspen.