Editorial Guidelines

BHSPA eNews Editorial Guidelines and for Social Media Too:


The BHSPA eNews is provided as a courtesy to those who subscribe to our e-mail list.  eNews is published at 6 a.m. every day Bedford Public Schools are in session and is sent to more than 800 subscribers. The eNews is not published on weekends, school holidays or vacations unless something very important comes up or needs to be reminded to our parent community. There may be a couple newsletters sent in late August before school begins.


The newsletter is divided into three sections. First, there is a calendar of events at the beginning of each newsletter. This calendar is for events specifically for students, student-run clubs, athletics fundraisers, and/or sponsored by the BHSPA. Since there are multiple athletic events occurring each day, and there are frequent changes/cancellations to the schedule, we do not include the athletic calendar in the eNews.


The next section contains information on school events, deadlines, and relevant student opportunities in the area.  Much of this information is provided to the BHSPA from BHS staff, program administrators, and student leaders.


The third section is community events that may be of interest to the BHSPA community. The priority is for events in Bedford or neighboring communities. Since our readers have older students, activities that may interest elementary children may not be appropriate for our readers. Events where students may perform community service are of interest.


As a rule, we do not publish events occurring for the benefit of religious organizations (e.g. fundraisers for mission trips, Church rummage sales, etc.). Also, we do not ask our readers to take a stand on political issues, nor do we as a Board take positions on ballot issues.  Generally we do not publicize the many, various Town of Bedford Board and Committee meetings that occur during the year, except for rare ones that are specific to BHS or the Annual and Special Town Meetings, limited to the extent of reminding people to attend.


If you would like something published in the BHSPA eNews, please send relevant text/flyers to bhsbucsparents@gmail.com. We accept submissions from students, faculty and community members. Submissions should be brief (a few sentences with the event date, if any, and a hyperlink to the relevant flyer or website.)  Please try to send any submissions at least 24 hours before you want it to appear in the newsletter. We reserve the right to edit the text for any reason, such as to make it more succinct, remove excessive punctuation, abbreviate the information, etc.  We also reserve the right to reject any submission in our sole discretion.  We do not include attachments like flyers.  Rather, you should provide us with a hyperlink to your document or image. If you aren’t sure if something is appropriate for the eNews, send it for our review and we will get back to you with an answer.


We may use social media to publicize some, but not all, events. Our focus is BHS-related events.  Again, what we post or share is within our sole discretion and does not mean it is an endorsement or testament of the truthfulness, veracity, or applicability of the information.  We share information only for informational purposes.